For Teachers

Are you a teacher of students aged 15-19? Are you interested in offering your students an international experience for exploring and learning about entrepreneurship while using digital technologies?

If so, StartUp_EU has something for you!

On this website you can learn about the project. Soon more information about the online game and about the international competition will be published. Your class will be able to play the online game when it is ready and enter the international competition that will be judged by a panel of successful entrepreneurs.

The StartUp_EU project will develop a set of materials and resources for educators, including:

  1. Leaning game (How to be a high tech entrepreneur)
  2. Technology platform for playing games, communications, partner finding, inspirational videos
  3. Business plan templates and guides that students can use to take their ideas to a ‘sellable’ business
  4. Guide for teachers, ‘How to run an entrepreneur game’ that will include the pedagogy and a replicable methodology
  5. Workshops for teachers
  6. Sustainability package that will allow educators to use all resources after project is over
  7. Final awards conference and webinar.

Send us a message through our contact page – we will keep you updated about the progress of StartUp_EU!