StartUp_EU (Be a High Tech Entrepreneur) Pilot Competition is now at the halfway point

February just started and the StartUp_EU pilot competition is at the halfway point.

Colegio Alcaste-Las Fuentes – La Rioja (Spain), Colegio Nuryana – La Laguna (Spain), Humaniora Broederschool – Sint-Niklaas (Belgium), ISIS Galilei – Gorizia (Italy), ITC Vittorio Veneto-Giovanni Salvemini (Italy): these are the 5 schools that accepted to pilot testing the StartUp_EU challenge. Students from Spain, Italy and Belgium are actually dealing with 8 challenges to develop and structure their business ideas into convincing and solid elevator pitches.

Students are playing the game on StartUp_EU web-based platform, where each team has its own dedicated room (including videos, training materials, mini-games, internal forum, wikis, etc.) where to post findings and results of each challenge. Teachers are managing and monitoring the groups: also for them StartUp_EU project developed dedicated training materials and guidance notes so to allow them supporting their students and playing a bridging role between the latters and the StartUp-EU project partners.

In order to foster the collaboration within and between teams, the platform hosts several forums allowing players, teachers and project partners to interact among them at various levels: becoming high-tech entrepreneurs is also a matter of good networking!

Still a few weeks and team deliverables and elevator pitches will be evaluated by StartUp_EU project partners and the winner will get a prize with the value of 100€. Follow the last phases of the StartUp_EU pilot competition on our Facebook page!

Do you want to experience the StartUp_EU competition? Contact us for the larger StartUp_EU competition which will involve secondary students across Europe!

Be creative, be innovative, be high tech. Good luck guys!

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