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Judging process
The Start up game judging has been completed as a two stage process:

Stage 1: Initial judging by the partnership of the project that has arrived at a short list of 8 finalists
Stage 2: The final judging by 4 external experts in the field of innovation and enterprise

The external experts are volunteers for which the project is very grateful for their help. They include serial, successful entrepreneurs and directors of enterprise and business accelerator units across Europe.

The prizes to be awarded are:

  • 1st prize: 250€ voucher
  • 2nd prize: 150€ voucher

Judging criteria
The criteria the judging of each school group’s entry has been completed on include:

  • How well they argue the case for need, market. In fact wonderfully innovative ideas should be rewarded, even if not realistic in today’s world showing expression and be creativity.
  • The judging is primarily on the process rather than the result.

All elements of the BP should be evaluated
Is the product a technology based solution
How innovative is the product
What is the product:
Is the pitch (video) well-presented,convincing and interesting
Is the Executive summary well-presented, convincing and interesting

The team
Have the team assigned roles to all their group members.
Have they assigned a CEO

The need (Testing the product)
How well is the need argued?
Market evaluation has been completed well

The product
Does the solution answer the needs as stated in the needs

The Market
Has the market been properly defined/targeted and a realistic sector identified

The R&D plan
Is the strategy realistic as a way of developing the product, are resources allocated realistic

The Marketing Strategy
Is the strategy realistic as a way of reaching the potential market, and also within a constrained budget

Make a profit
Is the financial forecast correct
Is it a realistic

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