Entrepreneurial skills and attitudes are a key for employability and development in Europe. The StartUp_EU project is designed to motivate secondary school students by replicating the excitement and creative innovation of a new startup company.

The project aims at creating an educational game to develop entrepreneurial skills on a Web 2.0 technology platform, to support an international competition of young people across Europe.

The platform will include, communications, partner finding, inspirational videos, online materials, competition submission, and online presentation tools. Secondary school students aged 14-18 will learn about high tech entrepreneurship developing their own business ideas collaboratively and autonomously across Europe.

The reality of creating a new idea, analyzing its potentials and the real need, will be set against the problems and costs of developing the idea into a virtual product for a market.

The project will include 3 phases :

– Development of educational game
– Development of platform and re-usable resources
– The competition that will require collaborating teams to develop their idea into a clear business plan, based on what they have learnt. It is important to understand that the process of building a business and confronting the problems and finding solutions, will be at the heart of this stage of the process.

The final results will be evaluated by a panel of experienced entrepreneurs and winners announced. Prizes will be awarded at a final conference that will include a workshop for educators to understand how the project can be reproduced. An Internet Webinar will enable large numbers of participating schools and educators to attend.

For students the outcomes are on multiple levels and include an insight into the world of start-ups and ICT, through replicating the collaborative processes required to develop an idea into a company a real taste of entrepreneurship will be gained.

StartUp_EU is orientated towards producing replicable results so that many more students and schools will be able to play the online game and learn how to be a high-tech entrepreneurs!