Needs & Priorities

It is critical for Europe to maintain a knowledge-based economy and be at the forefront of technological, innovative entrepreneurship if Europe is to maintain its competiveness. To meet these targets young people should study and seek careers in the scientific and technological fields and understand entrepreneurship. ‘Educating the Next Wave of Entrepreneurs’, a discussion at The World Economic Forum 2011 concluded that the earlier an entrepreneurial spirit is encouraged the better the results for society.This project field was chosen to directly address the motivation of entrepreneurship and innovation within European secondary school students.

Meeting the needs
StartUp_EU is designed to motivate secondary school students by replicating the excitement and creative innovation of a startup company. The project will create an educational game to develop entrepreneurial skills on a Web2.0 technology platform where secondary school students will learn about entrepreneurship through inspiring and thought-provoking videos, online workbooks covering business and marketing plans, and presentation skills. Students are then supported to develop their own business ideas collaboratively across Europe. The process will mirror the idea creation, barriers and problems in developing new technology and building a company. It will enable students to understand the problems and rewards of working in the exciting high tech area and inspire students to seek out careers in this vital European sector. Through reflection activities students will be able to understand what factors influenced their success or failure.

StartUp_EU is designed to be replicable and the resources can be used by additional European secondary schools at the end of funding.

StartUp_EU will address multiple priorities and key competencies within the LLP:

  • Learning to learn
  • Creativity through invention
  • Raising interest in technology as a career choice
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Motivation to learn languages
  • Communication in foreign languages
  • Digital competence
  • Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship