The 3rd StartUP_EU project Newsletter is available online!

StartUp_EU (Be a High-Tech Entrepreneur) final remarks and recommendations

After two years spent investigating, designing and developing the best tools and methodologies to introduce young students to innovative entrepreneurship, StartUp_EU project partners can share some key outcomes of this adventure. More is available on the project website (Best Practices Report and Use Case Scenarios Report).

  • The StartUp_EU experience gave the chance to the students to express themselves freely, and channel their creativity into an entrepreneurial idea.
  • The online platform enabled students to autonomously organize their work, tasks and deadlines: the exercise was not so easy!
  • Students had the chance to work in team, experiencing pro the sharing of responsibilities, assign tasks and mediate different attitudes and ideas.
  • Students experienced an international dimension, using English as working language and challenging teams from other countries.
  • Teachers had the chance to test new methodologies and to cooperate with other colleagues sharing different expertise and offering their students a broader support.
  • Teachers managed to tailor the use of the platform and tools according to the specific needs of their students.
  • The StartUp_EU project created an effective bridge between the educational world and the work environment.

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